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Elizabeth Mumtaz

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I knew Janeen to be a wonderful beautician, who had the aptitude of being more than your backyard therapist.  I really didn’t want to show anyone my face, however, I knew she would have the answer.  In the past, I had picked her brain for everything technical to the beauty trade as I was a student at the time.  When I showed her my face she knew exactly what to do.   Feeling relieved, less down heartened, and more confident knowing she could restore my skin.

I noticed a rapid improvement within months of receiving treatments. I didn’t feel as self-conscience. Janeen also put me on a home treatment plan to do in-between visits. left with major scarring after chickenpox I knew it needed progressive treatments early.

Did they work? Yes, they did.

Now living north of Perth, I regularly keep in touch with Janeen discussing my progress and book in an appointment when I can make it to Mandurah as  I don’t trust anyone else with my skin like I do Janeen.  Thank You so much for caring and restoring my face back to normality, it’s even better than it was before! Well Done it was a mammoth battle but you did it, Janeen.

Elizabeth Mumtaz

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