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Miles Costley

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I heard about Perfect Reflections from a friend at school. I was told Janeen was very experienced with acne. I had tried everything and felt like my acne was getting worse, so I didn’t hesitate. I had done the medications, creams, lotions from the dermatologist yet it wasn’t enough to clear my acne for long. I was left feeling frustrated and embarrassed. I just wanted clear skin for my year 12 ball.

My first appointment with Janeen was on November 20th, 2018 I didn’t really know what to expect, but I left feeling confident that my skin will recover from my volcanic like zits and finally be acne free.

It was 4-5 weeks before anyone commented on my skin looking better. Giving me the motivation to keep going and resist my milk cravings, I was having in excess of 2000 grams/milliliters per day without realising. My daily dermal diary kept me accountable, capturing everything important. I started to get excited for the school ball that was on the 23rd of February, with only six weeks left, we started the acne peels. This was easily the most uncomfortable of all, well the first one was anyway, but results showed almost immediately. The final peel wasn’t at all painful, my skin is now free of any active pimples and it felt amazing.

When Janeen showed me my progress photos, I found it very emotional. My skin had transformed from being the worst in my entire year group to something hardly noticeable (one little bump on my forehead).

I’m left with a lot of acne scarring, but that’s the next stage of my journey. Without a doubt, Janeen transformed the way I see myself, giving me my confidence back. I can’t thank her enough, for what she’s done and taught me. With amazing results in a short amount of time is truly remarkable.  I achieved my clear skin goal in time for my ball photos and it felt amazing,

Miles Costley

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