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Tahlia McMahon

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My acne was so bad it hurt to the touch. I have tried everything from over the counter products, dermatologist, medications nothing was working. I was feeling so insecure as a 27-year-old school teacher that had more acne than my students. I was looking for a solution FAST!  I scrolled the internet for the answers and found Janeen at Perfect Reflections.

After my first appointment, I was left feeling very excited and hopeful as my consultation was so thorough, I knew this time was going to be different. This hasn’t been an easy road but I have learnt life skills and my progress has been exactly as Janeen predicted it would. My skin was as tough as a leather work boot with acne on it, it didn’t feel like skin to touch, especially on my left cheek.

Now 8 months later my skin is so soft, supple and clear. I have no monthly breakouts now. I am totally delighted with my transformation. Totally Drug-Free I must add,  Janeen’s health-focused approach is refreshing. I will still be seeing Janeen for my monthly pamper/check-ins and look at resolving my acne scaring. My clear skin journey has felt like a partnership working with Janeen, I never felt like I was doing it alone. I agree, Janeen you are the acne queen of Mandurah. I am delighted with my results. I highly recommend.

Tahlia McMahon

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