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Courtney Koenig

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I have done all the topical’s the oral medications in search for clear skin, but it didn’t work for me. They would cleared my skin for some time and then it returned with vengeance. Now at 28 still left battling the monthly, painful bombardment of breakouts. I was desperate to clear my skin. Acne was affecting my entire life. I was recommended Janeen at Perfect Reflections.

Five month later my skin is noticeable better, my monthly breakouts if any are minor now. My pigmentation from the scaring is starting to improve.

Janeen has taught me life skills to manage and understand my acne and health and with this I have been able to help clear my boyfriend’s skin. I noticed that someone else had written they never felt alone on their acne journey with you Janeen and referred to you as the queen of acne, Janeen you are so passionate and caring for those of us suffering with acne, I couldn’t agree more. I find the queen of acne well deserved!

I can’t thank you enough for your personalised help.

Courtney Koenig

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