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Loretta Thomas

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I had visited Dr, Chemists and other beauty clinics desperately looking for some answers as to why my skin had mysteriously become very reactive to everything, I put on my face. From the neck up I would break out in hot, red rash-like welts.

I was recommended to Perfect Reflection where it revealed in my thorough consultation that the hot sulfur springs I was bathing in on my holiday to New Zealand had triggered a reaction. Janeen discussed what she thought would be the best approach and why, but she also suggested that she would like to get a second opinion. While I was on the bed she contacted Linda and discussed my situation on speaker so that I could hear both sides of the conversation. I was impressed with the level of professionalism and compassion I was shown.

I commenced a 6-course treatment program and my skin calmed down immediately and was a lot less reactive with each treatment. After the sixth treatment, I didn’t have a reaction for 3 weeks and then, I lasted another 6 weeks without a reaction. My skin was better than it was before I went to New Zealand, I have never had another reaction.

I visit Janeen for my monthly pamper sessions now, for more than 3 years now. Although I work in Perth, I would not get the service or knowledge that Janeen offers in her little clinic. I highly recommend Perfect Reflections.

Loretta Thomas

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