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Many people suffer from Rosacea and search in vain for products to effectively combat its symptoms, Medik8 has a  Red Alert range proven to help Rosacea.

The triggers for Rosacea outbursts are very similar to those which cause normal skin redness.

These include:

  • Environment – sun, wind, humidity, temperature extremes
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Air-conditioning
  • Diet – caffeine, spicy foods
  • Cosmetics and Medicines

Cosmetics can help to conceal most cases of skin redness, however it is essential to ensure that the makeup used does not contribute to the problem by aggravating the skin further. We recommend Lycogel the only breathable makeup.

The most effective method of treating Rosacea and redness is learning about factors that trigger your condition. Staying out of the sun, and avoiding particular foods or rapid temperature changes can contribute to keeping your skin evenly toned and healthy in appearance. Natural products such as vitamin c, macadamia and avocado can assist in calming the skin and preventing flare-ups. Overall, it is important to keep your skin well-hydrated, clean and protected from the sun. Medik8 have some fantastic products to help Rosacea symptoms. Red Alert cleanse, C-Tetra, Red Alert Serum, Hydra8 day and night cream.

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