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Paul – Secret Harbour W.A

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I suffered from soul-crushing acne for years. Left feeling like I had tried everything including antibiotics, medications, yet nothing has worked to totally clear my skin. I am now 20 and desperate to have clear skin for my 21st.

I was recommended to see Janeen at Perfect Reflections by my friend Naomi. She warned me that Janeen was different and passionate about nutrition, that it would probably require a few diet changes on my behalf. I really didn’t like the sound of that, but I decided I was so desperate, I was prepared to eat Brussels sprouts if told. I wanted to have clear skin on my birthday!

It took only four months to have my skin under control, but I can honestly say I started to notice a difference after two visits. No joke, my cheeks were so bad. I also had acne everywhere on back, arms, chest. My cheeks started to clear first but my forehead then broke out more. Janeen assured me that it was a good sign and part of the process as the liver was starting to work, now clearing out toxins. Everything Janeen told me would happen, happened exactly as predicted. I felt it was going to work.

It took 4 months to have my skin where I was just getting the occasional little bump. I have just celebrated my 21st birthday with only one little zit under my chin that only I could see. Janeen I cannot thank you enough you have not just cleared my skin but given me a whole new way of thinking and looking at life my body and its health. You are like nobody I have ever met. You have changed my life in so many more ways than just my skin.

Paul – Secret Harbour W.A

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